Our Testimonials

“The team at 5th Floor Analytics is fantastic.  We met a number of times, and during the period we worked together they evaluated and totally transformed the social media presence of Approach the Bench.  Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram pages and email blasts were all created by the team, and not only did they do a fantastic job creating these venues for my business, but they taught me how to utilize them effectively so I could continue to use them once they were finished.  As a result, traffic to my website and sales have greatly increased.  They were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

— James Mellis, CEO

Approach the Bench

“Prior to working with the 5th Floor Analytics, Guerilla Fitness had zero digital presence. In a short period of time and with very little to work with they have established quite an online presence for my company. They were very communicative, collaborative and prompt. Not only did they help establish my website and Facebook community, but they have taken me through the process with them, which will allow me to begin to maintain the presence myself. In doing so they have allowed me to take my previous client base and grow it by 333%. It was a privilege working with such professional individuals.” 

— Shawn Langdon, Founder

Guerilla Fitness

“It has been a pleasure working with this group.  Although we never physically met we were able to complete a great amount of work due to the responsibility taken by each group member.  When a plan of action was established they delivered on each and every promise; never once did I have to badger anyone to “move along.” By building individual relationships true professionalism was shown by each member in their specialized field.  They taught me quite a few things that I found extremely useful and I found myself continually impressed by their creative input and effective ideas.  I felt comforted knowing that they had taken a true interest in the brand and had really absorbed what Hank Sauce is all about.  It is safe to say that this group has effectively increased the value of our brand. I’m beyond confident that they are more than capable of increasing the value of other brands in the future. “

— Matt Pittaluga, Co-Founder/Designer

Hank Sauce

“5th Floor Analytics did a great job on the digital marketing campaign. They were able to get Auto Insurance policies sold with their AdWords campaign which was good to see. I am glad Weber Insurance got the opportunity to work with these up and coming business professionals.”

— Jim Weber, Owner/Vice President

They were fun to work with, and I hope they learned as much as I did. This project helped us explore and learn so much more about Google AdWords and Analytics capabilities.

Watching their Google Ads direct traffic to landing pages they created, seeing prospects requesting quotes, and Weber selling Auto Policies to new customers, as a result, is extremely exciting.

I am very interested in working with 5th Floor Analytics in the future.”

— Frank Meli

Weber Insurance

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